The Black Eyed Peas “The E.N.D.” World Tour

BlackBerry knocked it out of the tech park (or stadium, in this case) with the integration of BBM into The Black Eyed Peas tour. At every tour stop BlackBerry trained concertgoers on their BBM service, encouraging attendees to BBM during the show. Each night, would pull out his BlackBerry device onstage (fed to the stadium’s jumbotron) and freestyle rap using the BBM messages fans sent him, always thanking BlackBerry and showing how technology and music come together as one.

I have people at the show BBM me, the BBMs show up on a big screen, and I read the BBMs and freestyle what’s up there. BlackBerry is perfect because it allows us to connect. Our music connects us to people, plus it’s a tool I use every day.

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