Toyota Circle of Sisters

At some point during a convention journey every attendee looks for two things; a phone charger and a place to relax.

The Toyota Refresh Lounge at Circle of Sisters provide guests that and much more. Each engagement element was created specifically for the target audience (African American females, 40+) and inspired by the sophisticated design of the all-new Camry. Complete with a posh lounge to relax, charging stations to reconnect and complimentary massages to refresh, the experience was easy on the body to keep Toyota on the mind.

Placed center stage in the lounge, the Camry was the focal point from every view of the consumer engagement. Guests were encouraged to take photos inside the vehicle, then “post and boast” about their experience on social. The in-vehicle activity was just the ticket to reach the program goals of creating awareness and interest in the new Camry.

The sponsorship activation was an overwhelming success surpassing all metrics and in-vehicle engagement goals with people ready for next year “That massage was just what I needed. Can I go ahead and set an appointment with Toyota for next year’s show!?”

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