Hallmark Media Upfront Experiences

Bring the Hallmark brand to life through a series of uniquely curated in-person experiences for advertisers and agency partners.  Each experience immersed guests into the captivating world of Hallmark that celebrate life’s moments and give clients an opportunity to engage in these personal experiences.  Clients could choose which Hallmark adventure spoke to them most.  Curated experiences include a trip to the country for a Michelin Star farm to table experience, an exclusive cake decorating class, New York’s finest pizzerias, an inspirational wellness experience and more!

Each experience would allow the opportunity for Hallmark to ignite one-on-one conversations, strengthen relationships and highlight the company’s unique value proposition, with its devoted fanbase, fresh new series, dynamic, heartfelt original movies and more.

Sample Experiences included:

  • A country escape to Blue Hill at Stone Barn for a two Michelin star farm to table dinning experience 
  • An exclusive cake decorating class with Chief Baking Officer Bobbie Lloyd at Magnolia Bakery 
  • Find your “slice of love” at New York’s top pizzerias
  • An inspirational wellness conversations with a famed fitness influencer and Spin instructor, whose personal brand is centered all around Love

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