Intel Experience

The launch of the Intel Experiences at Best Buy took place at strategically identified stores across the country. Each launch event had a unique theme that highlighted different products powered by Intel technology. The themes included:

  • Space: Augmented Reality Mars Rover game
  • Music: Ne-Yo DJ game including an appearance by Ne-Yo, demonstrations of the game and Intel products
  • Makers: Consumer competition to build a product with Edison maker boards
  • Flight: In-store drone flight school for consumers

To increase awareness and broaden the message beyond the stores, integrated marketing campaigns were executed with digital, in-store, radio and high-profile influencers utilizing their social media channels and network. The influencers served as hosts for the events as well.

Consumers participated via product demos, sweepstakes to win Intel products and Best Buy gift cards, and gaming competitions between other consumers, Intel executives and the influencers.

The successful launch garnered 1000+ consumers to the events, 50M+ impressions and significant buzz around the Intel Experience, all driving an increase of in-store traffic and sales of Intel products.

Condor Series Launch @ SXSW