Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic Championships

The debut Magic: The Gathering Arena event was a winner as we infiltrated Las Vegas and the world with the premiere online competition of Magic the Gathering Arena.

Over 400k unique viewers per day were captivated with non-stop action of the 33 unique features of the “best stories we’ve see on a “Wizards show.” Beyond the tournament play, audiences were able to watch player interviews, deck shuffle demonstrations, and head-to-head competition. Additional featured content highlighted stories about the players’ personalities and motivations – including the underdog story of Matias (in Spanish) the ultimate winner of the tournament.

Players entered through a spectacle of cold sparks that hyped both the in-person and viewing audiences. Lighting and set design, smooth camera movements, and overall camera presence of players and talent helped make the 26 hours of transmission and close to 1.5 million viewer hours a total success. Mythic Championship – peaked at #2 globally on Twitch!

Afropunk Brooklyn