Toyota Pan-African Weekend

Burrell Communications and NCompass partnered with Pan-African Weekend to give Toyota the opportunity to drive brand engagements and impressions on a new terrain.

With a new ethnic audience base comprised of native Africans residing in New York City and abroad, the automaker had an exclusive chance to immerse the brand in a new community, with the all-new Camry serving as the welcome mat.

The four-day activation plan was crafted as an extension of Pan-African culture through thematic vehicle activations at the Women’s Forum, Networking Mixer, Awards Gala and Jazz Brunch. The consumer engagement at each event was tailored to highlight the event theme – women’s issues, introduction of people and cultures, celebrating accomplishments and music.

Each activation goal was to foster storytelling and bring together the elaborate ties of the Pan-African community in Toyota fashion.  Mission completed.

Kingdom Premiere & Consumer Activation