Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Launch

Virgin Galactic teamed up with NCompass, productionglue, Lightswitch, Video West and Nico Networks to showcase an historical space travel event which inspires press, influencers and VIP’s alike. In addition to the Unity 22 Launch, memorable experiences on the ground provided a launch pad for message amplification by this trendsetting crowd. Influencer and press shared messaging featuring program highlights including private viewing experience of the Launch at Spaceport featuring best in class hospitality and entertainment, and exclusive after-party celebration with Sir Richard Branson the evening of the launch, and local community advocates from within the STEM field furthering children’s education and space enthusiasts. More than 150 global press joined over 500 VIP guests at Spaceport (located in the middle of the New Mexico desert with the closest town over 40 miles away) to witness history and amplify the message.

While Virgin Galactic and the team focused on the actual rocket launch and safe return to earth, NCompass became the boots on the ground to ensure every element of the guest, influencer and talent experience was managed in a total of 4-week pre, during and post time period including: 

  • Create and oversee guest registration and management of over 800 global attendees
  • Develop all creative assets including custom credentials, custom event branding and directionals (over 100 different creative elements were developed and produced)
  • Source, negotiate and manage 660 rooms for a total of almost 2000 room nights (across 9 hotels)
  • Manage catering for over 4000 crew meals in the middle of the dessert for 15 days and all VIP F&B needs (including building infrastructure needed to accommodate crew and guests in the middle of the dessert with daily temperatures topping 100 degrees)
  • Source and manage 40 Motorcoaches and Shuttles from New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico to accommodate guest travel from 9 locations (including border crossing logistics prior to reaching launch location)
  • Recruit, Train and manage 60+ local staff for all guest management ancillary needs
  • Coordinate with local, state and national security groups with all compliance necessary
  • Create welcome event and after party celebration with Sir Richard Branson
  • Manage talent including travel, transportation and on-site needs
  • Assist Virgin Galactic’s Press and Media team with all on site logistics
  • Execute necessary adjustments with all on site logistics to accommodate a last-minute change of launch date, a windstorm and two hurricanes
  • In addition, while the main event was happening in New Mexico – NCompass created and managed a separate event and live stream in the Mojave Dessert for 500 Virgin Galactic employees and their families to celebrate this historic event with their co-workers.
  • NCompass also developed and managed a separate celebration and Live Stream Viewing for Virgin Galactic employees and their families based in Las Cruses to join in the celebration.

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