Wella North American Trend Vision Awards

The Wella North American Trend Vision Awards (NATVA) is the most inspirational event on every hairdresser’s calendar. Competitors from across the nation (and Canada) recreated one of Four Global Trends as their own interpretation. The competition was a total look – including hair color, cut, style, makeup and wardrobe – with emphasis on the hair color, cut and style. Three separate categories were judged: Students, Young Talent and Color – winners from each went on to compete in the international competition.

For the past four years, NCompass has been a part of the core team that has brought this event to life with the COTY Event Team and Insync.  NCompass worked hand in hand with famed creative visionary, Dean Karr, to develop unique style and environments for each trend and brand.  Responsibilities have included the creation of brand and/or trend installations (where each guest was fully immersed in the over brand and/or trend highlighted), registration, brand ambassadors, creative, guest engagement, talent sourcing and management, and assistance with stylist integration.

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