Skylanders Mall Tour

Immersive Environment: Created a live experience that mimicked “Skylands” and immersed consumers in the world within the game, complete with 10’ sunflowers, 12’ trees, 8’ characters, bridges, boulders, blueberry scent, in-game music and a 40’ fully-branded dome to house the custom gameplay kiosks.
Interactive Child/Character Match: Upon entry, brand ambassadors helped kids complete a series of questions via custom iPad apps to determine which character they were most like and then invited them to play the game as that character.

“Magic Moment”/Hands-On Experience: Game experiences were designed to begin with the “Magic Moment” – the moment the child places the toy on the game portal, and that toy character magically comes to life in the video game. These character toys were readily available throughout the environment allowing kids to “customize” the experience with each character’s unique special powers.

Personalized Trading Cards: A custom photo booth transported kids and their families into the world of Skylanders and provided each with a “digital trading card” to share online.

Press Event: A celebrity-filled invitation-only “blue carpet” press event in Los Angeles on Halloween weekend invited Hollywood stars and their kids to attend in Skylanders costumes.

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